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Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 DVD

Quick Overview

Introduction to the Violin

Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 is created by Michael Sanchez, and covers everything you need to know about playing the violin in a fun and easy to follow format.

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My Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 DVD is the perfect set of lessons to teach you everything you need to know about playing violin at the beginner level. The DVD contains 10 of my in-depth lessons in a progressive format starting with the basics, and moving into more difficult concepts. These lessons are exactly what I would be teaching a pure beginner if they came to me for private lessons, or someone that is interested in a refresher course on how to play properly.

Michael Sanchez - Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 Teacher

Published Author of "Fiddle for Dummies"


Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 - Lessons Summary

Each lesson on the Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 DVD contains songs that I show you how to play, interactive drills, closeup shots and more. 

Lesson 1 - Violin Fundamentals - Get an overview of the violin, along with some basic drills and beginner technique. You will see many closeups of the hands and exactly how to practice. 

Lesson 2 - Open D and A Strings - Learn the correct way to use the bow and avoid creating any bad sounds. There are many closeups including how to hold the bow and move your arm properly. 

Lesson 3 - Violin Tuning and Finger Placement - See how to tune the violin and place fingers down properly to songs like Mary had a Little Lamb and Jingle Bells. 

Lesson 4 - A String Notes and Bow Rosin - Play songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Start perfectly, and learn how to rosin the bow properly .

Lesson 5 - Bow Maintenance and the D Major Scale - Learn your first violin scale, how to take care of your instrument and more. 

Lesson 6 - Eighth Notes - Learn  how to play the eighth note rhythm, which opens up the range of songs you can play. 

Lesson 7 - Bow Flexibility and Half Notes - Create a clean sound when songs begin to get more challenging by learning some drills and tricks. I guide you through the Symphony #9 theme as well as a few other tricky tunes. 

Lesson 8 - A Wrist Drill and Pickup Notes - Bend your wrist properly with a new drill. I also include the concept of pickup notes in songs like O Come Little Children.

Lesson 9 - Learning the 4th Finger Position - See how to place your pinky (4th finger) down properly, and how to play tricky songs like Richard's Orc and Ode to Joy!

Lesson 10 - Index Finger and G String Notes - Learn how to move the index finger in the bow hand properly by introducing one of my most helpful drills. I also will guide you through how to play the G string, and show you how to play songs like London Bridge. 

Performance Song - Timber Ridge - See how to play the song Timber Ridge, which I wrote myself! This song sums up everything you have learned in Series 1 of Violin Tutor Pro.

Watch the Performance Song Video to hear what you will be able to play at the end of the DVD!


What is the quality of these lessons?

These lessons are very professional and are in full high definition. The content is interactive, easy to understand and contains many closeups that make learning easy. 


How many songs will I learn?

Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 comes with a lesson book that is shipped to you with the DVD. It contains over 30 songs that are taught to you through the DVD lessons. You don't have to know how to read music through this series, as I also include notation of each note and rhythm through a music key. This key will include what finger to put down on the fingerboard, what string to play and how long to hold each note. I also teach you how to read music, so you can choose which method works best for you!Take a look at a downloadable version of the book that you can start working on before the DVD comes!

What will I accomplish?

The biggest problem I see with students that are interested in playing violin is the inaccuracy of the approach they take. This DVD series will take away any doubt about what you should be practicing, and move in a progressive format so you can learn at your own pace. Because of this organized approach, you'll accomplish a great tone on the violin much quicker than if you were just watching random videos. Many times, students don't even get to the point of creating a good sound because they learn so many bad habits that restrict them. This DVD will help you avoid all the mistakes, and take your playing to the next level. 


Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 Recommended Experience Level

Adults with 0-6 Months of Prior Experience

Age 13-18 with 0-12 Months of Prior Experience

Age 7-12 with 0-24 Months of Prior Experience


How long will it take me?

2-6 Months, depending on time, dedication, and previous musical experience

Is there a DVD after this series?

Violin Tutor Pro Series 2 will be available sometime in 2015. Please email me with your interest in this DVD at and I will let you know exactly when I release it.

There are also over 30 videos I put together with my "Fiddle for Dummies" Book. This covers a lot of the same concepts, but then expands into more of a focus on learning the fiddle. 


What are other ways to learn if I'm more advanced?

There are many more videos you can watch through either my Youtube Channel, or by becoming a member of Violin Tutor Pro. You also have the option of reaching out to me for private lessons on Skype. You can contact me through live chat, email me at, or call me directly at 616-299-9196. 

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